How To Get Started

Step 1

CLICK HERE to create an account (skip this step if you already have an account). Download and install Firestorm Viewer for SL and OpenSim

Step 2

Firestorm Configuration
Start the viewer, at the top click on VIEWER select PREFERENCES then click on OPENSIM. At the top of this panel you want to ADD NEW GRID.
Copy and paste address******into the ADD NEW GRID box and click on APPLY.

Step 3

At the bottom of your viewer put your Firstname Lastname of the avatar and the Password you choose.
Please note that the Firstname and Lastname and Password are case sensitive!
Make sure you also have Alife Virtual as your selected grid. Now Click on LOGIN and See You There!

Step 4

All operations are carried out using local currency C$. CLICK HERE to buy C$ currency or CLICK HERE to sell C$ currency.

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