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About Alife Virtual

Alife Virtual is a three dimensional full interactive world!

Explore And Discover Endless Possibilities

Adventures, Clubs, Beaches, Games, Adults, Djs, Musics, Business, Castles, Arts, Discussions, Communities, Fashions, Animations, Clothings, Shoes, Skins, Shapes, Hairs, Jewelrys, Tattoos, Newcomer Friendly Spots, Buildings, Gardens, Lands, Movies, Parks, Role Play Communities, Vampires, Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical, Pirates, Sci-Fi, Romance, Wedding, Romantic, Sailing, Science, Technology, Hobbies, Mysterious, Surfing, Underwater, ...and more

 Text And Voice Chat

Using our voice or text application for chat with people from around the world who share your passions and interests.

 Never Ending Party

Every day there are events created by Alife Virtual players. Visit the Events Calendar to pick one you like to participate in.

 Fashion Your Self

Dress up and design a new three dimensional you. There are items where the selection is so big, you will want all.


Alife Virtual world in images. The world is in continue deployment every day every hour.

Alife Virtual 1
Alife Virtual 2
Alife Virtual 3
Alife Virtual 4
Alife Virtual 5
Alife Virtual 6
Alife Virtual 7
Alife Virtual 8
Alife Virtual 9
Alife Virtual 10
Alife Virtual 11
Alife Virtual 12
Alife Virtual 15
Alife Virtual 23
Alife Virtual 21
Alife Virtual 19


Alife Virtual in world events. Click to teleport to your favorite event type.

Event Name Description Creator Event Time Region Teleport

Get Your Land


  • 1/4 Full Sim Island
  • 5000 Prims
  • 1/4 Standard Size
  • Full Rights

FULL SIM 20000

  • 2X Full Sim Island
  • 20000 Prims
  • 4X Standard Size
  • Full Rights
  • 10 USD / MONTH

FULL SIM 30000

  • 9X Full Sim Island
  • 30000 Prims
  • 9X Standard Size
  • Full Rights
  • 20 USD / MONTH

FULL SIM 40000

  • 16X Full Sim Island
  • 40000 Prims
  • 16X Standard Size
  • Full Rights
  • 30 USD / MONTH

Buy Your Currency

2500 C$

$10 USD

5000 C$

$20 USD

7500 C$

$30 USD

10000 C$

$40 USD


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