How To Audio DJ With Mixxx

Ignite your passion for music and sound by embarking on an exciting journey as an audio DJ or by launching your very own RADIO station! Regardless of your musical preferences, there's an eager audience ready to move to your rhythm. Craft memorable moments, engage with listeners worldwide, develop your unique sound, and elevate your creativity to new heights. Transform your passion into your profession—begin your adventure as a DJ or radio station proprietor today. The decks are calling!

For good results please use our applications tried by many djs which can be downloaded here:
In your web browser chrome or firefox navigate to the link above
Download mixxx for windows or mac and install on computer
download shoutcast net free mixxx dj software
Start Mixxx on your computer and click on options and preferences
On sound hardware tab set sample rate to 48000 Hz and audio buffer to 85.3 ms
configure mixxx sound hardware
Click on live broadcasting tab and set your custom data:
HOST: your host
LOGIN: must be emty
MOUNT: must be emty
PORT: your port
PASS: your pass
BITRATE: 96 - 320 kbps
CHANNELS: stereo
configure mixxx live broadcating
Click on Apply and click On OK. Add your media to Mixxx playlist
Click on Options and on Enable Live Broadcasting for start streaming
Open your web browser and visit your stream url for listen your media